Phyllis Shafer | Cerulean Days

For the past two years Phyllis Shafer has explored, through plein air painting, the landscape of northern Nevada. From the expansive, sagebrush-filled tablelands of the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and the Smoke Creek Desert to the lush, alpine beauty of the Ruby Mountains and the Snake Range, Phyllis Shafer’s paintings celebrate the color, forms, and innate rhythms unique to the Great Basin. This series of paintings continues to explore the relationship between the intimate details of foreground flora and the calming allure of deep space. As Shafer says of her own work, “These explorations of spatial extremes refer to the relationship between ‘world’ and ‘self.’ By probing beneath surface appearances, I try to reveal a nature that relates to bodily and psychological states of being.”


(Photo courtesy of Linda Ruckdeschel.)